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Dating Over Skype

Posted by Lester Madden under Skype, Software

Well that’s Easter over. I hope your break was better than mine. I had one of those ‘nothing you do is right’ and ‘ it’s your fault’ type of weekends, so I’m almost happy to be back at work.

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So long and thanks for all the fish

Posted by Lester Madden under General, Skype

Thanks for all the well wishes, it’s true, the London part of Skype SDP has been phased out, so myself, Caitlin and Paul are no longer Skype employees. Obviously I am not going to say too much about it. Of course I am disappointed with what has happened. Skype technology is really cool and SDP were making a difference to our develop community.




Skype Bots / PamBot

Posted by Lester Madden under Skype

Ages ago I did a video tutorial on how to build a Skype BOT, which still seems to exist here https://developer.skype.com/Tutorials/SkypeBot I had a video codex issue when trying to run it but you might have better luck than me.


If you’re not familiar with BOTS you can add a BOT to your buddies lists for most IM clients (in my case Skype) and have it search for useful information for you.


Pamela Systems have created a Skype BOT that allows you to search different sources by starting a chat conversation with the BOT and issuing a command.


Eg to get the news headlines start a chat with PamBot and issue the command ‘tell news’


Fixing typos in Skype

Posted by Lester Madden under Skype, Software

I used to be able to spell. At school I may have not been the best in the class but I could hold my own. Since leaving school and starting working with computers, particularly Microsoft software my spelling has gone to shit.


Not only spelling but my grammar and hand writing have also suffered. I’ve been told I write like a spider dipped in ink. I’m confident that give it 1000 years and human thumbs will have evolved into USB adapters. We’ll just plug out thumbs into the PC and Windows 3007 (code name Longhorn) will allow us to interact directly with the PC.


I blame intellisense, these days I’m just too lazy to even try to spell, if Word doesn’t underline my errors then it must be right.


With MSN messenger and Skype my spelling is appalling, I type away and after sending the message I notice a dozen spelling errors – don’t pretend your not the same, I’ve seen your emails.


I found a feature in Skype 3.5 that lets you edit the last chat message you sent so you can fix those stupidly annoying errors you spot after pressing enter.


The next time you spot an error in your Skype chats either press the up arrow or right click and select edit to fix your errors.




While changing text is good, you can also change your last message for evil as well.




Lester says “you coming out for a beer tonight”


Steve says “yeah of course”


Can be edited to


Lester says “you wearing your wife’s knickers again you fat bastard”


Steve says “yeah of course”



Great fun in group chats.



If Steve happens to by your boss then another feature you might want to take advantage of is deleting your last message. (right click and select Remove).


It’s always good to delete the evidence. :-)




Send Faxes with Skype

Posted by Lester Madden under Skype, Software

If you use Skype then you know that for making calls it’s a first class tool.



Excellent sound quality, way better than a normal telephone, and if you are making a call to another Skype user its completely free.


One of the most requested features we receive is to include faxing. Well Pamela-Systems, the guys behind Pamela and Call Recorder have done just that and launched PamFax.


PamFax is a free application that you can install from here or In the next few days it will be in the Skype Extras Manager (Tools, DoMore, Productivity)


PamFax is simple to use and integrates with your Skype credits so you don’t have to take out your credit card to send a fax.


As a nice touch you can see where the recipient is located in Google Maps


If your looking for faxing solution and you’re a Skype user PamFax is well worth a look.


PamFax is also localized into multiple languages.


Screen shots below

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