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Augmented Planet Event – The Agenda

Posted by augmentedplanet under General, iphone

This year’s Augmented Planet event, the event that showcases innovation in augmented reality is shaping up to be the biggest and best ever. With the agenda now published (see below), I have to admit, there are a lot of cool presentations that are making my mouth water.

Augmented Planet takes place over 2 days in London on the 30th and 31st October (2012).

Day 1 is aimed at developers, agencies and anyone who is interested in how to create augmented reality, image recognition and face tracking applications. The afternoon will feature Augmented Planets first HackAR with opportunities to team up with other delegates and create an AR application from scratch. Create something good and your team might just win a prize.

You don’t need to be a developer to take part in the HackAR, all skills will be required. It’s the perfect way to get involved and meet new people.

Day 2 of Augmented Planet is focused on the business of AR. Here you’ll have the opportunity to hear from the leaders in the industry and see AR in action. Everything from mobile, eCommerece, glasses, AR & arts through to AR for the big stage. We have the A-Z of AR covered.

Day 1 – The AR Developer Day

09:30-10:00   Registration & Arrival
10:00-10:15   Welcome & Introduction
10:15-10:45   Developing With Wikitude’s New Image Recognition API
(Andreas Hauser/ Christian Ebner)

  • Learn how with Wikitude’s Augmented Reality SDK, you’re only a few clicks away from integrating the world’s leading Augmented Reality technology with your own app. Using simple yet powerful web technologies like HTML5, JavaScript and CSS, Wikitude makes it easy to utilize Augmented Reality in your own application for both iOS and Android.

10:45-11:15   D’Fusion Mobile SDK (Antoine Brachet)

  • The D’Fusion SDK is designed for high quantity deployment of Augmented Reality on smartphones (iPhone and Android Phones) or tablets (iPad) and features image recognition and face tracking capabilities. This session will focus on how you can use the technology to build cutting edge augmented reality applications for customers.

11:15-11:45   Junaio’s new API – HTML5 and 3D Tracking (Stefan Misslinger)

  • junaio® – the most advanced mobile AR browser – your source of instant information about places, events, bargains or objects around you. The unmatched ease of use, great choice of content and superior features make junaio your smart companion wherever you are.  This session will cover Junaio’s new API – HTML5 and 3D Tracking.

11:45-12:15   ARLabs Vision Technologies (Pablo Garcia-Morato)

  • ARLab are one of the world’s leading companies in the field of Augmented Reality and computer vision. After years of research and development, ARLab has become a global reference in the industry and supports clients from two locations: Madrid (Spain) and Haifa (Israel). In this session you’ll learn about powerful vision based image recognition technologies that will enable you to build cutting edge AR applications.

12:15-12:45   To Be Announced (reserved)
12:45-13:45   Lunch
13:45-19:00 HackAR

  • The HackAR is your opportunity to try an AR technology and build an application for yourself. Team up with other developers, designers and enthusiasts to come up with a concept and bring it to life. You don’t need to be a developer, you’ll have the opportunity to form teams so all experience is welcomed. The team with the best application may even win a prize! For this session bring along your laptop and an open mind.

Day 2 – The AR Day

09:00-09:30 Registration & Arrival
09:30-10:00 Awards & HackAR Results
10:00-11:20 AR Demo Showcase: The Best Of AR (Wikitude, ARLab, junaio, Total-Immersion)

  • Prepare to be wowed. This session will showcase the best examples of AR from Wikitude, ARLab, Total Immersion and junaio. If you want to see cutting edge AR in action and how AR can be used to create compelling experiences, don’t miss this.

11:30-12:00 Co-evolution of Future AR Mobile Platforms (Will Powell)

  • Currently, mobile platform evolution is not driven by user expectations nor by AR core technologies/applications leaving the user isolated from information while creating a poor sense of immersion. This session will focus on how to exploit current and next generation mobile platforms to build applications that appeal to consumers and provide the user with tangible benefits.

12:00-12:30 DIY Project Glass And What We Can Achieve Now And In The future?

  • From developer behind the DIY Project Glass inspired works, this session provides an insight for where glass HUD displays could fit in. We will discuss some of the possibilities of project glass technology and what is achievable today with cutting edge AR glasses and HUD.

12:30-13:30 Lunch
13:30-14:00 AR Studio – Augmented Reality Witchcraft For The Big Stage (Valeria Kholodkova)

  • Although traditional slideshow presentation applications have been popular for years when presenting to large audiences on the big screen, the new Augmented Reality techniques are coming to the fore and now cutting their way to the big stage.

14:00-14:30 AR and eCommerece(Markus Meixner)

  • AR is mainly used for advertisement or information transfer, this session will discuss ideas on how AR can be used to complement an eCommerce platform to enable consumers to experience products and purchase goods and services.

14:30-15:00 AR and the AR:Tz(Nick Dunn)

  • In 2011 AR:Tz set up an augmented reality 3D sculpture trail around the city of Brighton. The trail consisted of a large number of image markers on the pavement and stickers in various locations around the city for users to interact with their mobile device. This session will take a case study approach to explore real-life outdoor AR implementations and lessons the lessons learned.

15:00-15:30 Break
15:30-16:45 Panel: Choosing the right AR tool(Wikitude, ARLab, junaio, Total-Immersion)

  • This panel session will explore what you should look for when choosing a platform for your AR projects. The panel members will be from the leading AR tools providers in the industry in a one of a kind session. You’ll have the opportunity to pose questions to the panel in what promises to be a lively debate. If you are looking to build AR solutions, you can’t miss this panel session.

16:15-16:45 Zappar(Simon Taylor)

  • Zappar make bite-sized entertainment experiences using image recognition technology for products and things people care about – film, TV, music, sports, fashion, games. That might be a T-shirt, greetings card, book, CD, poster, calendar or toy. In this session you’ll learn more about Zappar and what it takes to be successful in the market.

16:45-17:15 To Be Announced (reserved)
17:15-17:30 Wrap Up

More information about Augmented Planet 2012

You can book your place at Augmented Planet 2012 for just £59.
With so much AR on show, if you’re interested in AR, you can’t afford to miss this event.

Eventbrite -  AP2012 Augmented Planet - The Leading UK Augmented Reality Event

Augmented Planet 2012 is proudly sponsored by:

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Whats going on

Posted by Lester Madden under General

It certainly has been a while since my last blog here. Most of you know that I blog almost daily at www.augmentedplanet.com about trends in augmented reality.

My last blog here was to say Wrox Press had published my Augmented Reality for Smartphones book. It’s actually doing really well with sales. Not that it will ever earn enough to buy a villa by the beach, but it is rewarding nether the less. At the time of writing the last book I swore I would never do it again. Writing a book is a lot of effort, especially a technical book. Compiling sample code is hard enough but what hurts the most is screenshots, its so time consuming.

Still, despite saying I would never do it again I have started on book II. This will be another augmented reality book but rather than focusing on location based AR, this is focused on image recognition technologies and will be aimed at iOS developers.

So far I have submitted 2 chapters to the publisher for review with another 4 due by the end of the month.  Some of the writing is slow process as most of the SDKs I am working with have such poor documentation. I wont name names but trying to write about how ‘easy’ it is to build an AR app using a particular SDK when all you have to work with is a sample project containing 500 lines of undocumented code is more than a challenge.

As a result of the new book project I have had to learn iOS development and have been trying to get to grips with Xcode. For an ex-microsoftie like myself it makes me appreciate just how good Visual Studio was. Not that I have anything against Xcode but double clicking a button and having the event handler created feels like such a luxury.

If all goes well then the book will be released later in the year. 2 chapters down, 30 more to go.

Apart from writing, last year we (Augmented Planet) ran the UKs largest augmented reality event in London. Planning is taking place to deliver another event later in 2012. We are trying to nail down availability with the venue and will announce that shortly.

If you’re a fan of AR. Keep your eyes out for that one.


I’m back and the book is out

Posted by augmentedplanet under General

It’s been awhile since my last blog. Finishing the Augmented Reality Browsers for Smartphones book took a lot out of me. For a while it was difficult to even look at a computer screen let alone find the energy to type something. The good news however is my batteries have been fully recharged courtesy of 2 weeks sitting on a beach in Brazil and the book has finally been released. If you’re looking to get up to speed with Layar, junaio and Wikitude development then look no further.

I have been asked to write another book, I swore that I’d never do it again but I have to admit that I am becoming tempted.  I wanted to write an Augmented Reality for Dummies book but there is one of those in progress already so it looks like it will have to be another developer book. String looks pretty interesting as does the Parrot AR Drone SDK. I have a couple of ideas and waiting to see if the publisher is interested in my proposal.

Since getting back I have a full inbox of AR projects, games, and platforms that you guys are asking me to announce. I’ll be trying to clear that back log over the next few days.


Second International AR Standards Meeting

Posted by augmentedplanet under General

If you are attending Mobile World Congress next month, and you have an interest in augmented reality, you should make plans to attend the augmented reality international standards meeting  taking place on 17th – 19th Feb in Barcelona.

This is a must attend if you are in the augmented reality space.

In the information below you will find the details on how you can register and how you can submit a paper. I look forward to seeing you there.


In What?

Face-to-Face working meeting on the topic of standards for AR


Contribute to the community focusing on the future of open standards for the widespread adoption of Augmented Reality.

Work together to rapidly advance sharing of knowledge about requirements and solutions, discussion of proposals, development of resources for the inclusive, global initiative and establishment of liaisons with other standards bodies with value to AR.


Start: Thursday February 17 13h30
End: Saturday February 19 12h30


Public meeting of experts, evangelists and dedicated people. AR experts as well as those with knowledge of related fields.
All contributions from standards organizations, companies, research institutes and industry bodies are welcome.

This meeting is receiving support from sponsors including Khronos Group, PEREY Research & Consulting and Telefonica I&D Barcelona.


via Augusta 177
Barcelona, Spain

Meeting host is Telefonica I&D

Meeting format?

  • Plenary sessions and breakouts
  • Invited speakers, group knowledge creation and facilitated discussions

Preliminary agenda http://www.perey.com/ARStandardsFeb2011MeetingAgenda.html


Information about registration and the link to registration form is available http://www.perey.com/ARStandardsMeetingFeb2011.html#Registration

More Information

For more information about this meeting, please visit http://www.perey.com/ARStandardsMeetingFeb2011.html

Call to Action
1. All experts in AR and related subject areas are encouraged to prepare and submit on or before January 17, 2011 one or more position papers following the guidelines http://www.perey.com/ARStandardsPaperInstructions.html

2. Please forward this announcement and invitation to your colleagues and those who you believe are interested. If you prefer, use this LinkedIn event page: http://events.linkedin.com/International-AR-Standards-Meeting/pub/491974

3. To receive periodic announcements regarding the International AR Standards meeting and community, join public mailing list http://ARstandards.org/mailman/listinfo/news

Any comments/questions may be addressed to Christine

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Germany’s First Augmented Reality Music Video

Posted by augmentedplanet under General

Followers of the blog will have seen a few media agencies blend augmented reality with promoting bands. AUGMEDIA in Germany are the latest agency to dabble and have produced Germany’s first augmented reality music video for the band, Saint Aside.

Being the latest in the AR music genre, AUGMEDIA have done a good job with creating an engaging music experience. But like all music its best experienced, so, kick back, turn up your speakers and watch the video.

Saint Aside The AR Video

Try it out

If you want to try the demo, just follow these simple steps.

  1. Go to http://ar.saintaside.com
  2. Print out the marker, activate your webcam and hold the marker in front of your webcam
  3. Experience Augmented Reality!
  4. Leave a comment and click on the ilike-button
  5. Share it with all of your friends

Cheers to  Daniel for the heads up.


Kafkara for Android

Posted by augmentedplanet under General

Some of the first mobile augmented reality applications I can remember (excluding browsers) were applications that let you add hats, beards, moustaches and other assorted paraphernalia to photos. Defacing your mother-in-law as she snored through a football match you were trying to enjoy was strangely therapeutic. Their augmentedness was always questionable however.

Kafkara is application for the Android that takes that concept a bit further and is most definitely an augmented reality app. Here instead of adding features to a 2D photo, a person’s face is texture mapped onto a 3D avatar and shown in augmented reality. In essence, you can map a face on to a 3D object like a bee. The best way to describe Kafkara is it’s like the Ironman or Transformers demo from Total Immersion but without the huge production values.

You can create the faces either by taking a photo of a person, or by grabbing their picture from either Facebook or Twitter. Once you have the picture, the application also uses the Google Text To Speech Engine and will animate the person’s lips speaking whatever you typed.  Finally to complete the package, the app has a radar feature that shows what other Kafkara avatars have been created near you.

Kafkara is also completely free, so iIf you have an Android and you fancy a bit of 3D face manipulation fun be sure to take a look. If you’re a 3D model expert then get in touch with the developers as they are looking for some assistance with creating new avatars and I’m sure would appreciate your help.
Get it from the Android Market Place or use the QR Code


Mosimo Camera – What If Camera

Posted by augmentedplanet under General

Android owners have a super cool application call Mosimo Camera on the horizon. Mosimo Camera developed by Japanese start-up AITIA enables the user to add computer generated effects to the video/camera window.

Effects can be themed, eg snow, music or birthdays and applied to the video feed. The application also has sophisticated facial tracking functionality to overlay video effects in the correct places.

Mosimo Camera

Unfortunately the application isn’t available just yet as there is an API restriction that prevents developers from adding real-time animated effects to videos. (According to MobileCrunch)


Augmented Reality at the Science Museum

Posted by augmentedplanet under General

GR/DD has developed an innovative interactive augmented reality exhibit for the London Science Museum to enable visitors to understand the science behind climate change.  The exhibit located in the science gallery present the visitor with a way in which they can manipulate a scene to alter the amount of carbon that was being released into the atmosphere. By placing a series of augmented reality markers on a special board which represents an island, visitors can add cement factories, farms, roads and other objects. The markers the user added are read by the camera which then enables the interactive to accurately place digital versions onto the on-screen island, complete with animation, sound and further science information. Visitors can add as many or as little objects as they like to their island and move them around at any time to customize it to their hearts content. Through augmented reality users are able to see the effects that each of the markers has on the island.

In addition to the main exhibit, two other interactive exhibits have been created by GR/DD. These include ‘Past Climate Change’ a time travelling journey exploring the different eras of Earth’s life, and ‘Greenhouse Effect’, a fun arcade style game that demonstrates how the greenhouse effect works.


ARTags for Android

Posted by augmentedplanet under General

Over the last year we have seen a few augmented reality and art mash-ups hit the iPhone. TagDis, ARStreets to name a few. So it’s good that the Android has now got its own flagship app in the form of the new ARTags and the jump on iPhone users.

ARTags is a drawing application for the Android platform that provides the user with a number of drawing tools that can be used to create works of art and then left in cyberspace. Artwork is geo-coded with the creators current location and then viewable in an augmented reality browser. Where ARTags differs from other similar applications is they haven’t tried to reinvent the wheel by developing their own augmented reality browser engine. Instead they focus on the drawing tools, once artwork has been created and submitted they are viewable with either Layar, junaio or Wikitude. ARTags artwork is viewable with any of these browsers so it one of the first cross-browser products that I am aware of.

ARTags is currently only available for the Android, iPhone users for the time being will have to be content with viewing the art.

If you enjoy creating art and want to share your masterpieces with others then ARTags is definitely worth a look.

ARTags in action

Get it here.

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Fight against domestic violence with AR

Posted by augmentedplanet under General

It’s good to see augmented reality being used for social change as well as selling products.

The latest campaign to use the junaio browser is from the German agency brand.david who have launched a campaign to bring the subject of domestic violence to light

The campaign reflects the two parallel words that the victims live in and is designed to shock and reduce victim hostile prejudices.

A video of the campaign can be found here:


Machine Infers Persons Interest From His Eye Movement

Posted by augmentedplanet under General

For those of you that are eager to get your hands on augmented reality glasses and see what the future holds for facial recognition. Here is an interesting announcement from Aalto University with a rather neat video showing the system in action.

A method developed in Aalto University retrieves information to data glasses about people and objects a person is looking at. Equipment including an eye tracker implements machine learning methods and infers from context and gaze direction what the viewer may be interested in, to learn more about. Following that the machine displays additional information on viewer’s data glasses. For instance, a researcher may learn about scientific results of a researcher passing by and singles may see on their data glasses the relationship status of a person they meet. By following the eye-movement the machine also infers when additional information should be displayed.

In the test versions of the augmented reality (AR) method displayed information is retrieved from a database with information keyed in beforehand. However, the method can also be set to retrieve information from internet and social media. In this case searches – using Google among others -- can be made by looking through the data glasses only.

The equipment recognizes persons looked at. It requires that images of the persons to be recognized have been inserted into database earlier. At the moment, it is not possible to identify totally unknown persons.

Our basic research on machine learning methods has made it possible to create new advanced user interfaces in which the machine infers without direct human commands what the viewer is interested in, tells professor Samuel Kaski from Aalto University.

As a result of our research we have created a prototype that has been successfully tested in laboratories. However, there is still a way to go before this can be commercialized, reminds researcher Jorma Laaksonen from Aalto University.

Study about the new machine learning methods is to be published in the Virtual Reality journal. The research results have been reached with funding from private companies and organizations to Aalto University’s MIDE research programme.

Information about the research consortium:

Preprint version of the article to be published in Virtual Reality:

System in action


Tissot AR Watches Mark II

Posted by augmentedplanet under General

Early last year we were lucky enough to have Holition, a leading provider of online interactive marketing and retail solutions at an Augmented Planet event in London. At the event Holition showed off their augmented reality campaign developed for Tissot that enabled users to try on high value wrist watches.

The campaign was being run in conjunction with Selfridges where passers by could try on their very own Tissot watch courtesy of a marker, webcam and the magic of augmented reality.

Tissot were so happy with the results that they have now extended the application to support a range of ladies watches. If you missed the campaign the first time around, or want to see some of the new range then take a look at www.tissot.ch/reality The watches are very impressively detailed.

Tissot campaign in action

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