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junaio Redefining Interactive TV

Posted by augmentedplanet under iphone

I have to admit that that it’s not very often someone throws me a complete and utter curve ball and I see something that I never even considered before. After a while you start to think you have seen it all, but the junaio browser wins the January prize for the most innovative use of augmented reality.

The new junaio channel works in conjunction with a popular German TV show called ‘Galileo’. Viewers watching the show are able to interact with the program by using the junaio client and by pointing their smartphone at the TV screen.

During the Galileo program questions are displayed on the screen. Unlike most interactive programs that require you to SMS an expensive number and wait several hours for the result, when the junaio enabled program asks the viewer a question the viewer simply points their smartphone at the screen. The junaio channel which uses natural feature tracking recognises the question; it is then transferred to the viewer’s smartphone. Once on the smartphone the viewer can select the answer without having to send an expensive text. In addition real-time feedback can be provided so it’s great for interactive TV quiz shows. For example, play along to who wants to be a millionaire at home and get instant feedback, even compete with other players watching the same show.

As Peter Meier, CTO of metaio points out, it’s not just about quizzes. The same technology could be used to enable viewers to receive recipes as the chief is making a dish. It’s definitely an interesting idea to enable views to interact with the TV. Take a look at the video of the solution in action. (Video Link)

What TV program would you like to see made interactive this way?


Readers Choice Awards 2010 Winners

Posted by augmentedplanet under iphone

Announcing the 2010 winners

Every year at Augmented Planet we ask you, the augmented reality community to vote for your favourite augmented reality applications of the year. For 2010 we focused the awards on augmented reality for mobile devices.

Before we get to the winners, congratulations to all the nominees who were entered. The winners will each be receiving the highly desirable Augmented Planet Readers Choice Award Crystal Plaque.

Best Augmented Reality Browser Of 2010

This category was always going to be a three-way fight between junaio, Layar and Wikitude. However, notable new entries included in the category were mTrip and DroidAR who were top of the voting outside the big three. In 2009 the Best Augmented Reality Browser Award went to Wikitude. In 2010 we are pleased to annouce that you have voted:


‘Here at mobilizy we are proud and excited about retaining the Wikitude’s
crown for the Best Augmented Reality Browser. We dedicate this award to our community who keeps providing the support and the feedback we need to continuously improve our products.

Stay tuned – Q1 will bring even more exciting features and partnerships to strengthen Wikitude’s perception by our community and the readers of Augmented Planet.

CEO, Martin Herdina.

Runners up

Best 3rd Party Content For An Augmented Reality Browser

This category focused on the best content developed by an independent 3rd party developer who builds content for junaio, Layar or Wikitude. Almost all these entries are direct nominations by the community.


Runners up

Best Mobile Augmented Reality Game

The best game category was fiercely contested with voting very tight. However, you have voted the best augmented reality game of 2010 as:


  • Zombie ShootAR for Symbian (Metaio)

Runners up

Best Augmented Reality Campaign

During 2010 we have seen augmented reality used in number of ways to market goods and services. Note that this category was not exclusive to mobile devices.


Runners up

Thats it for another year, thank to you everyone for voting and to Samsung for providing the prize. The winner incidentally was Ryan Garratt.

Good luck for 2011.



Second International AR Standards Meeting

Posted by augmentedplanet under General

If you are attending Mobile World Congress next month, and you have an interest in augmented reality, you should make plans to attend the augmented reality international standards meeting  taking place on 17th – 19th Feb in Barcelona.

This is a must attend if you are in the augmented reality space.

In the information below you will find the details on how you can register and how you can submit a paper. I look forward to seeing you there.


In What?

Face-to-Face working meeting on the topic of standards for AR


Contribute to the community focusing on the future of open standards for the widespread adoption of Augmented Reality.

Work together to rapidly advance sharing of knowledge about requirements and solutions, discussion of proposals, development of resources for the inclusive, global initiative and establishment of liaisons with other standards bodies with value to AR.


Start: Thursday February 17 13h30
End: Saturday February 19 12h30


Public meeting of experts, evangelists and dedicated people. AR experts as well as those with knowledge of related fields.
All contributions from standards organizations, companies, research institutes and industry bodies are welcome.

This meeting is receiving support from sponsors including Khronos Group, PEREY Research & Consulting and Telefonica I&D Barcelona.


via Augusta 177
Barcelona, Spain

Meeting host is Telefonica I&D

Meeting format?

  • Plenary sessions and breakouts
  • Invited speakers, group knowledge creation and facilitated discussions

Preliminary agenda http://www.perey.com/ARStandardsFeb2011MeetingAgenda.html


Information about registration and the link to registration form is available http://www.perey.com/ARStandardsMeetingFeb2011.html#Registration

More Information

For more information about this meeting, please visit http://www.perey.com/ARStandardsMeetingFeb2011.html

Call to Action
1. All experts in AR and related subject areas are encouraged to prepare and submit on or before January 17, 2011 one or more position papers following the guidelines http://www.perey.com/ARStandardsPaperInstructions.html

2. Please forward this announcement and invitation to your colleagues and those who you believe are interested. If you prefer, use this LinkedIn event page: http://events.linkedin.com/International-AR-Standards-Meeting/pub/491974

3. To receive periodic announcements regarding the International AR Standards meeting and community, join public mailing list http://ARstandards.org/mailman/listinfo/news

Any comments/questions may be addressed to Christine

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Germany’s First Augmented Reality Music Video

Posted by augmentedplanet under General

Followers of the blog will have seen a few media agencies blend augmented reality with promoting bands. AUGMEDIA in Germany are the latest agency to dabble and have produced Germany’s first augmented reality music video for the band, Saint Aside.

Being the latest in the AR music genre, AUGMEDIA have done a good job with creating an engaging music experience. But like all music its best experienced, so, kick back, turn up your speakers and watch the video.

Saint Aside The AR Video

Try it out

If you want to try the demo, just follow these simple steps.

  1. Go to http://ar.saintaside.com
  2. Print out the marker, activate your webcam and hold the marker in front of your webcam
  3. Experience Augmented Reality!
  4. Leave a comment and click on the ilike-button
  5. Share it with all of your friends

Cheers to  Daniel for the heads up.


Kafkara for Android

Posted by augmentedplanet under General

Some of the first mobile augmented reality applications I can remember (excluding browsers) were applications that let you add hats, beards, moustaches and other assorted paraphernalia to photos. Defacing your mother-in-law as she snored through a football match you were trying to enjoy was strangely therapeutic. Their augmentedness was always questionable however.

Kafkara is application for the Android that takes that concept a bit further and is most definitely an augmented reality app. Here instead of adding features to a 2D photo, a person’s face is texture mapped onto a 3D avatar and shown in augmented reality. In essence, you can map a face on to a 3D object like a bee. The best way to describe Kafkara is it’s like the Ironman or Transformers demo from Total Immersion but without the huge production values.

You can create the faces either by taking a photo of a person, or by grabbing their picture from either Facebook or Twitter. Once you have the picture, the application also uses the Google Text To Speech Engine and will animate the person’s lips speaking whatever you typed.  Finally to complete the package, the app has a radar feature that shows what other Kafkara avatars have been created near you.

Kafkara is also completely free, so iIf you have an Android and you fancy a bit of 3D face manipulation fun be sure to take a look. If you’re a 3D model expert then get in touch with the developers as they are looking for some assistance with creating new avatars and I’m sure would appreciate your help.
Get it from the Android Market Place or use the QR Code

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