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Augmented Reality at the Science Museum

Posted by augmentedplanet under General

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GR/DD has developed an innovative interactive augmented reality exhibit for the London Science Museum to enable visitors to understand the science behind climate change.  The exhibit located in the science gallery present the visitor with a way in which they can manipulate a scene to alter the amount of carbon that was being released into the atmosphere. By placing a series of augmented reality markers on a special board which represents an island, visitors can add cement factories, farms, roads and other objects. The markers the user added are read by the camera which then enables the interactive to accurately place digital versions onto the on-screen island, complete with animation, sound and further science information. Visitors can add as many or as little objects as they like to their island and move them around at any time to customize it to their hearts content. Through augmented reality users are able to see the effects that each of the markers has on the island.

In addition to the main exhibit, two other interactive exhibits have been created by GR/DD. These include ‘Past Climate Change’ a time travelling journey exploring the different eras of Earth’s life, and ‘Greenhouse Effect’, a fun arcade style game that demonstrates how the greenhouse effect works.

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