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ARTags for Android

Posted by augmentedplanet under General

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Over the last year we have seen a few augmented reality and art mash-ups hit the iPhone. TagDis, ARStreets to name a few. So it’s good that the Android has now got its own flagship app in the form of the new ARTags and the jump on iPhone users.

ARTags is a drawing application for the Android platform that provides the user with a number of drawing tools that can be used to create works of art and then left in cyberspace. Artwork is geo-coded with the creators current location and then viewable in an augmented reality browser. Where ARTags differs from other similar applications is they haven’t tried to reinvent the wheel by developing their own augmented reality browser engine. Instead they focus on the drawing tools, once artwork has been created and submitted they are viewable with either Layar, junaio or Wikitude. ARTags artwork is viewable with any of these browsers so it one of the first cross-browser products that I am aware of.

ARTags is currently only available for the Android, iPhone users for the time being will have to be content with viewing the art.

If you enjoy creating art and want to share your masterpieces with others then ARTags is definitely worth a look.

ARTags in action

Get it here.

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