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The worlds first augmented reality stamp

Posted by augmentedplanet under Augmented Reality

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If you live in the UK, the next letter that lands on your doormat could be using one of the worlds first augmented reality enabled stamps.

These special stamps celebrate the 50th anniversary of the building of British Rail’s last steam locomotive Evening Star Royal Mail. When activated using the junaio augmented reality browser available free for iPhone and Android users, users are able to watch a short video of Bernard Cribbins reciting the poem ‘Night Mail’.

To activate the poem, users simply need to load the Royal Mail channel in the junaio client and point at one of the special augmented reality enabled stamps.

For those of you not in the UK and want to give the demo a try, the stamps are below.

Night Mail

This project was developed by the UK based digital media agency m2end and the Royal Mail. The technology uses Metaio’s junaio glue platform which is a free platform for developers to build sophisticated image recognition channels for the junaio client. You can find more details here.

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