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Bulmers Cider Pub Finder

Posted by augmentedplanet under Augmented Reality

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The team that put together the Tiger Beer augmented reality iPhone application have been busy with another augmented reality application, this time for Bulmers Cider.

The one thing that London has in abundance is pub’s, we have so many that we use them as our navigation beacons. Turn left at the Red Lion, keep going to the King George, and turn right by the Slug and Lettuce and you are there. Finding a decent drink is easy, but thanks to the new augmented reality application you can now find a decent pub that servers Bulmers Cider and has a garden where you can sit outside and enjoy your drink in the sun.

Like most augmented reality applications the functionality is simple, it will use your current location to inform you what pubs are around you, and as you hold your phone up you’ll see the locations of the pubs in the camera window giving you the general direction. The application displays a handy rating system so you’ll know if the pub is worth a visit. Since the ratings are taken from UseYourLocal.com you are not relying on people who have the application installed to add reviews, therefore there should already be reviews for a good number of pubs.

A general comment about the data provided by the RateYourLocal website. I checked my local pub and was surprised to see that it was missing. On closer inspection I found it was about half a mile away from its correct location. Either someone moved it over the weekend or someone somewhere is licensing a database that needs a serious clean up.

Like the Tiger Beer application you can also opt in to receiving Bulmers Cider related notifications. Based on the Tiger Beer notifications I received in the past, they are generally details about pubs that are offering 2 for 1 or free drink deals. They are not very intrusive so you don’t get spammed. If you opt in you’ll also get details about the Sun Lovin’ Criminals band that are performing on behalf of Bulmers and may appear in a pub near you.

For a marketing exercise, the Bulmers Cider app is a great way to reach out and engage with customers, especially the ability to send them promotions. For the consumer, if you’re a cider fan or just looking to explore a new pub then the app is great, signing up to the notifications may mean that you even manage to pick up a deal in the process.

Bulmers Cider AR App in Action

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