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Augmented Reality In One Hour

Posted by augmentedplanet under General

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acrossairA couple of weeks back O’Reilly hosted a webcast on augmented reality. The speaker was Chetan Damani CEO and Founder of acrossair who gave his take on what mobile augmented reality is and the future of acrossair including an update on new products.

Chetan also talks about the choices in selecting a platform and his plans for porting applications over to Android. It’s an interesting talk, the Q&A at the end has lots of questions on where the data comes from and how to manage the presentation of lots of data on the screen. So if you are planning on building an augmented reality application and want some tips from a company that have 10 augmented reality apps already in the iPhone store,  or if you are just generally interested in learning more about the technology then its well worth a listen.

Watch the webcast

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