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FutureTek – Holographic Phones

Posted by Lester Madden under iphone

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I stumbled on a spoof demo yesterday that showed an iPhone displaying a hologram. The idea was you receive a call and just like something out of a Star Wars film you see a hologram of the caller emerge from the screen. Of course it’s not possible but it got me thinking and I did a little bit of digging and found that to some degree you can create a hologram for the iPhone.

The first video is a rather ambitious look at the year 2012 but I think it will be more like 2020 before we see anything like this

iPhone 2012

Next is an interesting take on why it wont be a good idea to answer your holophone.

Finally to prove that there’s an app for just about everything, there is an hologram creator application for the iPhone. The images don’t leap out the screen but it’s still an interesting application.

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