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Contrary to popular belief I’m not dead

Posted by Lester Madden under Augmented Reality, Smartphones, Software, Symbian, Travel

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I left Symbian at the end of August and have had a nice relaxing September at home. I haven’t been up too much, other than catching up on a few xBox titles I missed out on.

My intention after leaving was to take September off,  but now we are in to October I’m still in no real rush to go out looking for a job. I like the idea doing some contracting until the end of the year, one more xBox game to go then I’ll take a look. Other than playing games, I’m still blogging at Augmented Planet so if you miss me then you can always catch me there.
I have been busy putting together an augmented reality event in London (11th November 6pm -- 9pm, All Bar One, New Oxford Street) for augmented reality enthusiasts, if you are in London and you want to see some cool demos then feel free to register and come along. Feel free to get in touch it you want to show a demo.

There are hardly any augmented reality applications for Symbian devices, so I’m looking to spread my wings and buy (yes buy) a new phone for the first time in 10 years. I’m torn between the Google Android G2 HTC Hero and the iPhone. The Android device has been in the front running for a few weeks, but my brother-in-law recently got himself an iPhone. He has been driving me crazy with it and has turned into the ‘there is an app for that’ advert. For someone that could hardly use his last phone he has discovered Twitter and the joy of installing applications, and boy does he install them.

Feel free to help me decide my next phone choice.

Speaking of new phones, last week I went to the OverTheAir event in London and had the chance to play around with the new Samsung 360 device. For a prototype it was very nice, very responsive and very iPhone like.

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