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Essential iPhone Apps – Part I

Posted by Lester Madden under iphone

My iPhone is almost a week old so I thought it would be a good time to look at some of the applications I have installed that I consider to be essential.


Welcome To The Darkside

Posted by Lester Madden under Smartphones

It was only a matter of time before I went out and got myself a new phone. For the last 6 years all my phones have been Nokia devices, before that they were all Windows Mobile Devices, so I needed a change. My brother-in-law recently got himself an iPhone and a few ex-colleagues got themselves Android G2 Heros, both of which looked pretty good. So which way did I jump?

We’ll eventually after a lot of ‘oh look at this’ from my brother-in-law I opted for the iPhone.
My shiny new device arrived on Saturday morning in a tiny box. Apple don’t supply you with any form of instructions leaving you to fend for yourself. I had to do a Google search just to find out where the sim card went.  The only instructions were from O2 that simply said download iTunes and activate your phone.

Getting the contacts off my Nokia and into the iPhone was no easy feat either, no phone swap wizard here. o2 mumbled something about looking at their help pages on how to do it, but after wasting time I decided to do it my own way and backed-up and imported into Google Contacts. This works really well as the sync between Google and the iPhone is seemless. After I was setup I spent the weekend installing some apps. I love the appstore, it’s possible to spend hours searching for things to spend money on.

There are a few things I don’t like however, well one really. I have always heard people say the battery life on the iPhone sucks. I can’t really tell as at the moment it’s not out my hands for more than 20 minutes at a time, and during that time it has background process running that are connected to the web retrieving email and what not. Time will tell when I am away from home and using it for lots of calls, but for the time being the battery is lasting a day so it’s not a problem.

People complain about the call quality, I can’t judge call quality yet but I did get cut off on my last call. I’m hoping it was a one off experience. I didn’t care so much about being cut off, it was only O2 doing their welcome call and trying to sell me upgrade packages and insurance so it actually did me a favor.

My biggest gripe is iTunes. iTunes is awful, it’s up there with Lotus Notes in the bad software league. I installed a load of applications from the appstore and today when I tried to copy music to the device iTunes deleted most of the apps. iTunes actually apologised for the fact that it couldn’t delete all of them which was a nice touch in the same way a user friendly virus might apologize if it was unable in infect all of your files. iTunes is so awful, having tried to copy music over for the best part of the morning I’m considering carrying an MP3 player in future just to listen to music.  I can’t figure out how to move just a few tracks over as I seem to have to create play lists for every album I want copied. My last attempt resulted in all my wife’s music appearing on the device so now I have the added bonus of trying to remove them. In general it’s really annoying having to use 3rd party software just to copy things to a device. I prefer a device being treated as mass storage so I can do what I want.

But all that aside I love the iPhone and have a heavy dose of iPhone love (that stage were you start looking around for accessories that you don’t really need but feel you should have) but iTunes is that dark secret that iPhone owners don’t talk about, it’s the app that must not be named.

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Contrary to popular belief I’m not dead

Posted by Lester Madden under Augmented Reality, Smartphones, Software, Symbian, Travel

I left Symbian at the end of August and have had a nice relaxing September at home. I haven’t been up too much, other than catching up on a few xBox titles I missed out on.

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