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The never ending story

Posted by Lester Madden under General, Smartphones

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How would you feel about a book that was different every time you read it? Here is an interesting idea for a book based completely on QR Codes and twitter.

Editoros Online (Brazil) hit upon the idea of using QR Codes to engage with the younger generation (that makes me feel officially old), by putting QR Code around a city in Brazil and inviting people to take pictures. They would then receive a message of either Love or Hate depending on the code. The messages they received were harvested from live twitter accounts.

They then produced a book based on the codes. The book contains 200 pages, 100 messages of love and 100 messages of hate and can only be read with a mobile phone. As there is no shortage of love/hate messages on twitter the book updates itself every week so it’s always changing.

Watch the video below, the book sold out completely and they are already looking at this as being the future of books. Imagine a school book that is always up to date with the latest content.

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