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Phones To Consider When You Are Super Rich

Posted by Lester Madden under General, Smartphones, Symbian

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I visited Motorola in Turin not so long ago. In their reception area they had a cabinet displaying some of their high range devices. One of them was solid gold Razor, the ultimate bling.  As this weekend’s Euro Millions Lottery is a massive £120 million roll over jackpot, it got me thinking about what I would do with the money should I be fortunate enough to have the winning ticket on Saturday morning.

First off my battered Ford Focus would be replaced with a Lamborghini or two. Of course I couldn’t drive my new Lamborghini and use a common Nokia 5800 or a E71, so I would need something  reassuringly expensive, something with class, gold and diamonds. Fortunately there  are a couple of companies out there that will help separate me from my new found wealth.

Vertu is a standalone company owned by Nokia that sells luxury and reassuringly expensive mobiles. All the mobiles in Vertu’s range are hand built which is a nice touch. Then again when you are paying around $75k for a phone you’d expect that.

Goldvish is another luxury  phone maker eager to separate the rich with anything between $20k -- $1,000,000, so if you have cash burning a hole in your pocket then they have the phone for you.  (ugly though)

If you’re a banker wanting to part with your hard earned bonus (lasts years bonus obviously) and you want that little bit extra class, why not invest $2.5 million in a diamond encrusted iPhone

I used to work with a guy who measured his bonus in terms of the number of Big Mac’s he could buy over a year.  It became know in the company as the Big Mac index and all bonuses and pay rises were measured on that scale.

On the off chance I win the lottery this weekend, any thoughts on which of these super models I should invest in?

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Reader's Comments

  1. MJ |

    Oh the iPhone for sure- at least it has functionality still, despite being made ugly by bling

  2. Lester Madden |

    Already thinking about upgrading that iPhone eh MJ :) I’ll have to sort you out with decent phone next time we have beers.

  3. Kevin Mullins |

    I’ve got an iPhone – its great for facebook, but I can’t ever make any calls because the battery is always flat!

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