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Watch Phone For Budding Secret Agents

Posted by Lester Madden under Gadgets, Smartphones

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Ever fancied yourself as a secret agent? Of course you have, but to be the next James Bond you need to have the latest gadgets. I’ve said a few times that this year we are going to see a plethora of watch phones come to the market. At MWC  and CTIA there were a number of the mobile heavy weights showing off their latest integrated watch/cell designs.

There are a lot of watch phones available, particularly on eBay from dodgy Far Eastern manufactures, but nothing that makes me want to part with my hard earned £££ (or $$$). The SpecialOPS from Phenom on the other hand actually looks pretty cool, and has a ton of features.



  • Watch video/movies
  • FM radio receiver
  • Built in camera (can also be used as a PC webcam)
  • MP3 player
  • Send SMS
  • Bluetooth
  • Vibrate mode
  • Built in speaker phone

What normally lets a watch phone down is the cumbersome UI, fiddly buttons to press and the battery life.
The SpecialOPS has an external dialling keypad as well as a touch UI (you can either use your fingers or the stylus) and the battery life (according to their website) is 2 hours call time and 120 hours (5 days) standby.

It actually looks like a nice watch, and for $295 even I’m feeling tempted.

Talking about fiddly UI’s and the danger of buying from eBay.
Imagine you’re in a bar and you just met the boy/girl of your dreams. They give you their number and you type it in to your super smart watch phone.  And this is your experience:

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  1. steve |

    these watch. Phones are getting better all the time and we’re still in 09.i wouldan’t mind one my self.

  2. interior design |

    Nice blog and attracting colors!

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