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3D Photo Browser For The Nokia 5800

Posted by Lester Madden under Smartphones, Software, Symbian

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Do you ever get one of those days were you want to scream and kick your PC to pieces? Yesterday my laptop was doing the strangest things. When I tried to send an email I could type anywhere except inside the message area. I could write in the subject field, the email address field or any other application, but when I clicked into the message area text refused to be accepted.

After a reboot, I found with a wireless connection I could browser to any webpage except SalesForce.com, which was a pain as I was trying to update Salesforce at the time. Oddly if I turned off the wireless and used the Ethernet connection I could only browse Salesforce.com and no other web page, which was even more of a pain as I was trying to copy data out of GoogleMail into Salesforce. To top off the day, I was half way through a phone swap with my 5800 and E71 when the touch screen refused to work so I couldn’t copy over my data to the new device. I was hoping that today will be a better day but I recharged my N71 battery last night and already it’s flat. It’s shaping up to be another one of those days already.
We are testing some software that enables you to use your mobile device as a landline. OnRelay is a desktop phone replacement service, we are investigating not having fixed desk phones here at the Symbian Foundation and using our mobiles as a landline replacement. We’ll still have a fix line number it will just be routed to the mobile. As there is no 5th edition that’s the reason behind me going back to my E71 so I can take part in the trial. I have to admit though, I do miss my 5800 already.

I wrote last week about Cooliris and how it was an excellent way to view images. At the time I moaned about the lack of an S60 version. Well good news, Nokia Beta Labs have released a super cool photo browsers for the Nokia 5800 that gives a 3D browsing effect, magnifying glass and face browsing.

Take a look

You can install or get more info from here

Why did I find this the day AFTER I switched from my 5800 back to the E71? I told you it was going to be one of those days.

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