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Commercializing Augmented Reality

Posted by Lester Madden under Augmented Reality, Smartphones

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After yesterdays post about how cool augmented reality is, I spent the morning and most of the afternoon doing demos to people around the office. The guys here were coming up possible uses from everything from tee-shirts to games. I see AR as a technology that is just waiting to become the next big thing, it just needs a killer app to propel it into the public eye before it becomes part of our everyday lives and something we take for granted. Normally that’s waiting for the porn or advertising industries to become adopters.

The man that lives on my hand

The man that lives on my hand

(see yesterdays post to install the demo)

After my demos were done and forgotten and I got back to some real work and went looking for the new Mini advertising campaign (related to a branding exercise). When I searched Google for “min ad campaign” this popped up on page 2 of the search results.

It’s an excellent example of how AR could be used by the advertising industry and market products to consumers. It’s one thing looking at a static image in a magazine but being able to move around in 3D and view the subject from any angle, or even trying on virtual clothes from the latest fashion magazine are amazing possibilities.

Killer applications
I’ve been going on about potential applications for a while now,  and thanks to the magic of twitter and following tweets back a few levels I ended up finding a commercial application for the Google G1 to help you find ATM machines. Just point your camera at the ING logo and Google Maps pops up showing you the positions of local ATM machines. Pretty cool.

Notice in the bottom right the compass and distance to target to guide you in. Nice touch.

Full article here.

Once you start looking at logos as being your marker in the AR world then that takes a companies brand to a whole new level. Not only does it say who you are, but it can say where you are and how you want people to find you. Point at the Mcdonald logo, see you next meal, point at a bus stop, see how far away the next bus is.

How do you want people to find you?

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Reader's Comments

  1. Nitin Samani |

    That is really cool. Now you have me thinking of what I want AR to do for me; Point it at a person have it match who they are using Picasa’s face recognition technology, this brings up their LinkedIn profile in real view. This would certainly help me at trade shows, however it might be a little weird for the people I’m trying to identify.

  2. Fashion » Blog Archive » Commercializing Augmented Reality |

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  3. Lester Madden |

    Good point Nitin, but think beyond using your mobile as a window on the world.
    Take a look at what the future holds.

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