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Blurry Eyed And Street Map

Posted by Lester Madden under General, Software

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It’s been a while since I blogged. Not because I have forgotten or been stumped for words recently, but I had laser vision correction surgery last weekend and my focusing has not been that great. It’s normal apparently, it takes around a week for the vision to settle down.  It’s getting better but still hard to focus on the screen.

Aside from that, Google have been getting a bit of stick in the press here in the UK over the last week. It seems that (some) people are not happy having their pictures up on the Google Street Map service. I must admit I’m not a privacy buff at all. People take pictures all the time and put them up onto Facebook, MySpace and thousands of other places and I have no control over it and I can’t insist that my face is blurred out. Google on the other hand produce a great service and go to the effort of blurring out faces and car number plates and get slaughted for missing some. If you find an offensive image you can request it be taken down or the face blurred, but even that is not enough for some people. Even Nitin who is our resident ultra paranoid geek gives the service his seal of approval.  Eat that.

Driving around in a car all day your bound to spot some interesting things. For instance:

There can be only one.

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Either I had too many beers or there is a bear waving at me.

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This kid is going to wish his face was blurred when his dad finds out.

View Larger Map

Here are some others pictures that I can’t find map references for.

And a post wouldn’t be a post without a YouTube video.

If you have the Street Map bug, more funny stuff here:


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Reader's Comments

  1. MIke |

    The problem is google remove all the really interesting images. the guy with the gun is gone so is the guy puking. I assume the google car has to go back over the route again to get new pictures

  2. Alecia |

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