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Coming Soon To A Smartphone Near You

Posted by Lester Madden under Gadgets, Smartphones

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We have been able to listen to music on smartphones for a while now. I’m guessing there are not that many models that don’t have the ability to play MP3s shipping anymore. Movies are taken for granted as well with almost every phone model being able to support video playback. Watching movies however on a small screen is not for everyone. I find those seatback video screens on airplanes small enough as it is. Except when the person in front puts their seat right back and it presses up against your face for the next 8 long miserable hours. ah the joys of travelling economy.

Watching a movie on your phone is good answer to the problem, you can watch what you want, when you want, and are not restricted to the in-flight movie choice. The downside is you end up looking down at the screen on your lap so get a creaky neck after a while, and lets not forget trying to focus on the small screen after a few in-flight beers. The next big thing with smartphones looks like being projector technology with the phones of the (near) future having tiny projectors inside to allow you to project the screen on to a surface.

Samsung Pico
I’m not sure how that will go down with your fellow travellers in economy if you project your movie onto the back of their head, and I must admit that struggling for valid usecases on why I would want this, but came up with the following:

  • showing friends my pictures collection
  • showing a presentation
  • watching a movie with friends
  • having a video conference

This is no flash in pan technology, there are a whole bunch of phone manufactures producing phones that have projector technology built in. Samsung, Sharp, TI to name a few. Not only that but Samsung have a working prototype that is due to ship in 2009.

The Samsung MBP200 with built in projector is due to ship later this year.

How would you use a projector in your phone?

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