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The Future Is Already Here

Posted by Lester Madden under Augmented Reality, Gadgets, Smartphones, Symbian

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A guy called Charles H. Duell who was the commissioner of the US patents office back in 1899 once said, “everything that can be invented has been invented”. Well he got that one wrong. Funny though, last week I was raving over Microsoft’s augmented reality project only to find that there is a game available on Symbian OS for the Nokia N95.

The game is a tower defence game, you build laser towers and baddies run at you. When you kill them you earn money and can upgrade your towers with better weapons. The game looks interesting, just print out a few sheets of paper and place them on the floor. These sheets contain the anchor points or the game map so every game can be different. Then when you view the map with your phones camera it projects a 3D game on to the display. I’m going to have to dig out a N95 to give it try, but already I feel the need to have a place at the next Smartphone Show dedicated to this kind of technology.

You can install it here.

My other wish last week was for a remote controlled webcam that I could drive remotely around the house from the office. The idea was I could use it to make sure there were no intruders and everything was safe and secure. This was based on the Google Android robot demo.

I was watching TV on Saturday morning and 3 guesses for guessing the prize they were giving away.

It’s not on a phone but still, I want a Rovio

Charles Duell may have been wrong with everything already being invented already, but everything I want is here. Just at a price.

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