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Nokia 5730 XpressMusic

Posted by Lester Madden under Smartphones, Symbian

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When I first got my Nokia 5800 last month I have to admit I missed my Nokia E71 and the keyboard. I couldn’t see myself using the 5800 for too long. One month later and I’m still using it and I am in no rush to change it. And you know me I like to change my phones.

The 5800 is a great device and I’m sold on the touch UI. I love flashing it on the tube when I see someone with an iPhone. I can listen to music  and still have enough battery to make calls.  But if a QWERTY keyboard is more your thing, then take a look at the newly announced Nokia 5730 XpressMusic.

The Nokia 5730 is the latest device from the ‘Comes With Music’ range that gives you unlimited music downloads from the Nokia Music Store for up to 18 months. The store has millions of tracks to choose from, and after your membership period is up, you still get to keep the music.

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Reader's Comments

  1. Kevin Mullins |

    That “comes with music” service is pretty interesting. How much I wonder is it to sign up after the 18 months and I wonder if the music is transferable should you get another phone later down the line. The thing I hate about my iPod is that it only alows my purchases to be used on 5 devices – then switches it off. Sods!

  2. Lester Madden |

    Hi Kevin,

    The music is yours to keep after your subs expires, but you are limited to one PC and the device. That said if you lose either or upgrade the guys @ Nokia support will help you move the music to a new ‘comes with music’ device.

    I don’t think you can subscribe to the service seperatly, after your sub is up it seems like you’ll need to get a new ‘comes with music’ device to keep the service active.

    It sounds like the DRM locks you in.


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