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Bluetooth+ Blackberry + Lewis Hamilton = Fun

Posted by Lester Madden under Gadgets, Smartphones, Symbian

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It seems that Symbian OS isn’t the only platform to have a version of ShakerRacer.

The guys over at Vodafone have developed something similar for the Blackberry Storm. Even Lewis Hamilton gets to have a play.

The Symbian version of ShakerRacer (so named because it uses the accelerometer) was developed by a university in the Symbian Acadmey program and was a core part of the Smartphone Show last year. Our version used a 4x4 truck rather than a F1 car.


I need to send Nitin Samani, our Academy guy who is responsible for the Academy program out with a video camera to make a video. Nitin can you do a video please in the style of the Canyonero video from the Simpsons.

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Reader's Comments

  1. Nitin Samani |

    I’d certainly be interested to see how much of this was actually real.

    Lester: I’m working on the video… now where did that ShakerRacer go…?

  2. Lester Madden |

    I have a few doubts.

    I was surprised to see Bluetooth working over such a large distance. Also knowing how hard it is to control the car with a phone, they did pretty well at driving it over the desk and at speed.

    Michael is still crippled after Leticia took out his ankles with the 4×4

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