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Microsofts 2019 Future Vision

Posted by Lester Madden under General

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Normally I write the blog when I get home from work and tweak it in the morning over a cup of coffee when I get in the office. But yesterday a buddy of mine from Skype was over from Tallinn so I ended up going out for a few beers and some food.

It wasn’t a particularly late night, or a night with too many beers but by the time I got home, I just had enough time to throw down a couple of packets of cat food for the cats and fall into bed. I woke up at 1am convinced that the cats had been dialling their friends in American and had forgotten to hang up the phone and were costing me a fortune. Eventually I had to get up and go find the phone to reassure myself that it wasn’t the case. After that I laid in bed for a few hours in that very tired but wide awake state that only alcohol can give you.  Hence a very late blog today and a very tired Lester.

A couple of days back I blogged about some predictions on where smartphones would be in the next 5 years. I just noticed that Microsoft have released a video on where they see the world in the next 10 years, in their 2019 future vision video.

For sure this falls into the over estimate the short term future category as everything is integrated, powered, and paper thin. I think we’ll need to invent a new form of power before this becomes a reality. But still it looks good and is a hell of a lot better than nuclear waste land.

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