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LG Watch Phone

Posted by Lester Madden under Gadgets, General, Smartphones

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At Mobile World Congress 09 last week there was, as you’d imagine an abundance of mobile phones. I went for a walk around the 8 exhibition halls and have to admit after a while it was pretty hard to focus any more, all the mobiles started to blur into one. One thing that did stand out though was the wrist watch phones on the LG stand.

I love my gadgets so seeing a fully functional phone that you could wear on your wrist looked like the ultimate cool must have gadget.

The idea isn’t new, if you search eBay you’ll find a selection of watch phones available. Some for as little as £90, but this is the first watch phone I have seen from a serious player so I think we’ll see a lot of more these in the future.
I’m not sure what £90 would buy you but I’m guessing not a great deal.

From what I’ve learnt, the watch phone has a video camera for video calls, plays MP3, is both voice activated as well as has a touch screen for dialling. The LG watch phone is due for release in Europe later this year. Battery life will initially suck at around 3 hours but that can only improve.

I’m not convinced that it would be my primary device, I send a lot of SMS messages so want to be able to type easily, but I still want one. How about you?

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Reader's Comments

  1. steve |

    i would love a watch phone lester, if you manage to get hold of any, keep me in mind.

  2. steve |

    i would love one of those watch phones lester, if you manage to get hold of some can i road test one for you.

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