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MWC09 – Party Review

Posted by Lester Madden under Travel

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I like travelling and seeing new places but the best feeling in the world is when you put the key in your street door, kick a weeks worth of post out the way and sit down in your favourite chair. It makes up for the fact that I had no milk, bread, or anything else in the house. Last week was a hard week, every day I started at 8am and finished at 7pm. Trouble was, if you have ever been to Mobile World Congress before, you’ll know that every night there is a party going on somewhere. The earliest I got to bed was 2:30am but mostly it was pushing 4am.

There were some really good parties that I hope you managed to get to a few of them.

Monday night was the Symbian Foundation party and I have to say it was fantastic, I met some really cool people there, Bernd from wib-software was one of our Application Spotlight feature guys. I spent many hours chatting away with him. Cool guy.

Some of my Symbian Foundation colleagues

Some of my Symbian Foundation colleagues

Tuesday I have no idea where I was, but considering how I felt on Wednesday morning I’d been somewhere good.

Wednesday was a good choice of parties, we managed to get to 3 of them. We started at the Handmark party. Handmark  have an application store full of cool mobile applications so the party was full of developers. You’ll know that I’m in Developer Marketing so these guys are my audience. I met and had some good chats with a number of people, and also had the chance to catch-up with Peter and Henrik both from MobileDocuments who also took part in our Application Spotlight feature on the Symbian Foundation stand. I just love developers and the innovation they deliver and the MobileDocuments guys are an excellent example. (I’ll write more later). The party was good, not just for the great people but they had cachaca which is a Brazilian spirit that you drink similar to mojito. The difference being is it’s pretty lethal. We had a great time there chatting to people before moving on to the Swedish Beers party and again getting the chance to speak or perhaps slur at more developers. The good thing was by the time we got to the Swedish Beers party it was well underway so we fitted right in. Before calling it a night we managed to squeeze in one more party, the Mobile Jam - Jamokie. I found out the hard way what the okie part was and even managed to get up on stage and do a number. Just the one mind you.

You pour the alcohol in the top and it comes out yummy and cold at the bottom.

You pour the alcohol in the top and it comes out yummy and cold at the bottom.

So Thursday night was going to be a quiet one and a chance to recover. Well it was kind of quiet in that we didn’t go anywhere, but ended up chatting in the bar until 5:30am. Interesting moment during the night when we went looking for the waiter and waitress to find out where our drinks were. Lets just say they were ‘busy’, and then too embarrassed to serve us after that.

All in all Mobile World Congress 2009 was a great event. I met some great people and will write more about the Application Spotlight feature and some of the applications I saw. I also want to change my phone and give my new Samsung I8510  a go. So I’ll get the photos off and uploaded. Right now I have a need to go shopping.

You’ll find more pictures here

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