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Universal Phone Charger – Finally

Posted by Lester Madden under General, Smartphones, Travel

One of my pet gripes about travelling is having to pack an assortment of chargers. A journey to the US and I end up with chargers for my laptop, phone, music device and sometimes my PSP. I have a few phones and it gets annoying to arrive only to find I have the wrong charger, or the phone wont charge from USB. Good news, all 5 of UK’s mobile phone companies have agreed to a standard micro USB style charger.


What’s The Value Of Your Network?

Posted by Lester Madden under General

So, you blog regularly, you religiously enter all your business contacts into LinkedIn.
You’ve added all your friends to Facebook and now your addicted to Twitter.

Friday today, so question time. If you could put a monetary value on your networks have you ever wondered how much they would be worth?

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Predictions on Smartphone Technology

Posted by Lester Madden under General, Smartphones

David Wood put an interesting post on the Symbian Foundation blog yesterday. He asked what the future of mobile technologies would be hold for the next 5 years.



Posted by Lester Madden under Gadgets, General

If you’re a geek in anyway you’ll probably want to get yourself some tissues before reading this.

In marketing you often get lots of cool goodies, I have boxes of stuff under my desk, behind my desk and piled up at the windows. But once in a while you get some really cool stuff. Consider if you will what is probably the worlds best gadget. Behold the Chumby.


Symbian Foundation – Application Spotlight MWC09 Summary

Posted by Lester Madden under General, Symbian, Travel

A few weeks back we decided, wouldn’t it be great if we could have real developers speak on our Symbian Foundation exhibition stand at Mobile World Congress. So we sent out an email to our developer community, sweet talked a few bloggers into giving us a mention and generally made a nuisance of ourselves asking for developers to contact us if they wanted to give a 15 minute talk on our stand. The only requirements were the application had to run on a S60 5th Edition device (eg Nokia the 5800).



Cool Phones From MWC09

Posted by Lester Madden under Smartphones

At MWC09 I took a walk around the event looking for my next phone. Yeah I know what you’re thinking, last week I got a Nokia 5800, the week before I got a Samsung I8510, and three weeks ago I got the Nokia E71. Next week I am going to try and get hold of a Nokia N810 Internet Tablet. It’s not a phone, more of an ultra mobile PC based on Linux. A man needs hobbies.


LG Watch Phone

Posted by Lester Madden under Gadgets, General, Smartphones

At Mobile World Congress 09 last week there was, as you’d imagine an abundance of mobile phones. I went for a walk around the 8 exhibition halls and have to admit after a while it was pretty hard to focus any more, all the mobiles started to blur into one. One thing that did stand out though was the wrist watch phones on the LG stand.


MWC09 – Party Review

Posted by Lester Madden under Travel

I like travelling and seeing new places but the best feeling in the world is when you put the key in your street door, kick a weeks worth of post out the way and sit down in your favourite chair. It makes up for the fact that I had no milk, bread, or anything else in the house. Last week was a hard week, every day I started at 8am and finished at 7pm. Trouble was, if you have ever been to Mobile World Congress before, you’ll know that every night there is a party going on somewhere. The earliest I got to bed was 2:30am but mostly it was pushing 4am.


Greetings From Barcelona

Posted by Lester Madden under General, Symbian, Travel

Arrived safe and sound. Its not as warm as I was expecting but still nicer than London. We have just had the first two presenters for the Application Spotlight and so far they have gone well. If you are at mobile world congress drop by the Symbian Foundation stand in hall 8 and see me for your party tickets. I am posting this blog on my Nokia 5800 so short entry today.



78 Partners And Counting

Posted by Lester Madden under General, Symbian

Yesterday the Symbian Foundation blog went live with a new press release annoucing that more industry parnters have signed up and pledged  their support to the foundation.


Application Spotlight – MWC Update

Posted by Lester Madden under Symbian, Travel

A couple of weeks back I invited people to submit their applications for the chance to present them on the Symbian Foundation stand at Mobile World Congress. I’ll admit that I was a bit nervous about the idea, not because I doubt anyone’s ability to build great stuff, but because the device was so new (it only shipped in the UK a few weeks ago) I had no idea how many responses I’d get back.



Mobile World Congress 2009 is almost here

Posted by Lester Madden under Symbian, Travel

Just a few days to go until Mobile World Congress 2009 in Barcelona.
I’m flying out from London City Airport on Sunday afternoon and will be heading off to the venue to register and make sure everything Is ok with the Symbian Foundation stand. I’ve never flown out of London City Airport before. Now I live in East London I thought it would be easier to get to than Heathrow, we’ll see.

If you are going to the event, make sure you pick up your entry pass on the Sunday or expect a 2 hour queue on Monday morning.

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