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My Next Phone

Posted by Lester Madden under Symbian

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Strange week this, it’s the last week of Symbian. On Monday I’ll be a Nokia employee with a new Nokia email address. That of course means… time to chose a new phone.

Currently I have the Nokia E71 which is a fantastic phone. I really like the feel of it and it looks sexy. The very day I got it I got home and my wife was telling me that she saw someone on the train with a phone with a keyboard and how she wanted one. Yep as soon as I took out my E71 that was the phone she saw on the train and she went green with envy. I’m not going to do yet another review, but if you’re interested then you can read more about the phone here.


So I need to choose something new. The Nokia 5800 MusicExpress is on my shopping list. Not because I like to listen to music so much but I like the touch UI and having played around with a prototype a few months back thought it was a pretty cool device. But having a quick play is not the same as having to use the thing day in day out, so I have ordered one to use at Mobile World Congress next month. That will give me time to make up my mind. Again I’m not going to review the thing, but if you want more info then look here.


As it happens though, I do know the phone I want, it’s just that it’s not released yet.

At a partner event in San Francisco before Christmas I had the chance to play around with the Nokia N97. Man that’s a super sex phone. I just love the keyboard and the fact that it has a touch screen.  It’s top of my wish list for sure.

What phone is on your shopping list?

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