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Clarification on presenting at Mobile World Congress

Posted by Lester Madden under Symbian

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Apologies for IE readers, parts of the site are not rending correctly.

If you’re interested in presenting on the Symbian Foundation stand at Mobile World Congress, I just wanted to clarify what smartphone devices currently use Nokia Series 60 5th Edition.

The only device currently available is the Nokia 5800

So if you want to be on the stand presenting you’ll need to make sure your application runs on one of these.

Nokia 5880

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Reader's Comments

  1. Chin |

    I started to use this app this week, triyng the augmented reality feature everywhere I can.The result is quite good, although some details can be annoying : the virtual signs are shaking a bit, sometimes I have to walk a little so that the “station” appears.My conclusion is that this feature is not just for fun, it can really be used !

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