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Mobile World Congress

Posted by Lester Madden under General

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I spent most of last night researching WordPress themes so I can give the site a new lick of paint. I found the one I like and I am going to spend sometime over the weekend tweaking it. I’m actually pretty excited at the thought of looking at some PHP code, It’s been a while.

One of my big projects right now is what Symbian Foundation will be doing for developers at Mobile World Congress next month.  At the event we plan to have an Application Spotlight area where developers who have built applications using Series 60 5th Edition can showcase application on the foundation stand.  Yes thats right, we are allowing 3rd party developers to present their smartphone applications on our exhibition stand.

Time is short with the deadline being Friday to apply so for more information and to apply go here:   It’s a simple process of telling us little bit about your application, nothing scary.

If you are successful we’ll even give you 2 free exhibitor tickets worth €599 each, and tickets to the first ever Symbian Foundation party.


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Reader's Comments

  1. Steve |

    Hi dude

    Congratulations well done on your new look website.

  2. Elvis |

    Yo Symbian guy,

    I’ve got a nephew who’s mad on the Simpsons. I often tell him, I used to have a mate, a good mate, who’s nickname was Bart, but I lost touch with him a long time ago and haven’t seen him in years.

    As for me I haven’t posted my name,at least my real name, or my e-mail address, as I’m hoping ‘Bart’ knows who I am, as we were work and ‘drinking’ buddies way back when. We were also part of a small team known as ‘The Great Escape’, should he remember such an organisation.

    To drop a clue, it was this escape committee that led to him being where he is now….oh, and a little Access db knowledge that he constantly brushed up on only to land himself a plum job/career – well done by the way you flash barsteward – not a bad turnout from life on the YTS. I can safely say that knowing noone knows what that is anymore. Wouldn’t be a bad thing to re-introduce today given your own fine example of what can be done when you put your heart and soul into it.

    Last I heard he married a Brazillian gal and moved away off down the A303 – it doesn’t get any more showbiz than that!

    The fact he has an uncanny resemblance to ‘Data’ is by the by.

    I shall check this blog from time to time to see if my ‘Nom de Plume’ has been unveiled by Barts wicked determination to know the truth.

    I am not Colonel Mustard and I don’t reside in the Drawing room but if you study the clues carefully you’ll get there.

    Until then – let it be known, I found you!

    …oh, and I’ve got them lined up at the bar!

  3. Elvis |

    Drinks….not the ladies!

  4. lesterm |

    Hi Elvis

    I have been part of a few escape commitities in my time, but I would have a guess that you are referring to Bechtel in Hammersmith. If you are then I would narrow that down furher and say you are the long lost Drackman aka Scott.

    Let me know as it would be good to catchup for beers.

  5. Elvis |

    You always were a sm8rt rse! ;-) Spot on big man! E-mail address enclosed.

    Look forward to catching up.


  6. Elvis |

    Yo Symbian guy,

    Just wanted to say thanks! Received in good condition – wow, I feel like a kid at Christmas time.

    Look forward to meeting up next week.

    Just one question.

    Any recollection of Octoberfest at Olympia – the year escapes me but there should be no surprise there – pretty much the whole day escapes me!

    Till next week!

  7. lesterm |

    I remember the beer festivals at Olympia. Too much beer followed by a hot dog. Those were the days.
    Face it, we were piss heads back then, every night down the wine bar for a quick one, then the last train home.

    Today is my last day as Symbian Guy. Tomorrow I will be Nokia Dude.

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