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One Unders

Posted by Lester Madden under General

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It’s been a while since I had time to blog. After changing jobs back in March it’s been non stop, and when I get home in the evening I don’t want to look at a computer let alone use one.

Fortunately we moved back to London so commuting to work is better and I have more time to spare, I’m just not sure where it’s all going. When I lived out in Andover it took on average 1.5 hours for my morning commute, that was part of the reason for moving back to London. That and the £35 daily train fare. The best thing about being back in London is the tube network. Anywhere you want to go for £2.50.  Makes going to work almost a pleasure.

Trouble is when it goes wrong it really goes wrong. I have been in a tube derailment at Mile End station and enjoyed a leisurely stroll though the tunnels after being evacuated off the tube. Not bad for 10 months.

This morning as I was walking to the tube station and saw hundreds of people walking away from it. Someone eventually stopped me and said that there was a ‘passenger action’ at Mile End. (Crowd pleasing London Underground speak for someone jumped, fell, or was pushed in front of a train). So I had to try and figure out the busses to get to work.

This is what TFL suggested:


What a monster journey, 3 – 5 buses and over 2 hours. I could reach Paris in less time that it would take me to get into London.

I never understand why someone would want to jump in front of a train. Forget the inconvenience factor, I’m not one of those people who complains about the thoughtless person delaying their journey. I remember seeing a program on TV that most people who jump don’t die instantly, so there are better, less painful ways to go.

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