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Ouch that hurt.

Posted by Lester Madden under General, Travel

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Oh my do I hurt this morning.

I went out last night, cool restaurant, very nice. After dinner did the usual pub crawl thing, and as you do in Tallinn sooner or later you end up in Hollywood. Generally speaking Tallinn is really cheap, less than £5 for a couple of G&Ts, this morning I am scratching my head wondering how I managed to spend nearly £80. I didn’t drink that much.

After making my way home from Hollywood I got lost, kind of hard to do in the centre of Tallinn but I still managed it. Tallinn is set around a square with my hotel just off it. Could I find it? Could I hell. I walked around for about 45 minutes looking for the dam place. At some point I cut though a grave yard and jumped over a wall. Looking down it looked like a 2 foot drop. Beer binoculars are wonderful things, after leaping over the wall it was more like 15. That hurt.

After that I staggered around a bit and fell down a bloody man hole. Either someone stole the cover or there just wasn’t one, either way I had my very own Mr Bean moment as I fell into the thing. I don’t know how deep it was, but the only thing stopping me from finding out was my elbows. It would have been funny except I managed to cut myself up pretty bad in the process. I ended up having to sleep wrapped up in a towel just so I didn’t bleed over the hotel sheets.

This morning I ache from all my aches and pains, the fun part is tonight I get to do it all over again, though hopefully minus the blood loss.

You can’t see it, and neither did I until I was climbing out it. But thats a man hole.


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