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This cat is going to be trouble

Posted by Lester Madden under General

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Laying in bed on Sunday morning after drinking my way though a couple of bottles of wine with the missus on Saturday night I heard her scream from the kitchen. Not thinking much of it, putting it down to a spider on the wall or another of life’s little emergencies that can wait for a few hours. That was until the screaming continued.


We got a kitten a few weeks back, a surprise for me when I came back from a business trip. Nice little thing all white. We called it Bobby.




The first thing that Bobby did, other than cost me £250 was to make one of my other cats sick. Splodge spent 3 days at the vet with an infection she caught, no proof it was Bobby of course, but that cost me £320. Bobby also needed some vaccinations, the usual kitten stuff. £45.


I wouldn’t mind but Bobby hates me. He will quite happily sit on the wife’s legs and play with her. Me on the other hand if I go to touch him he either has a hissing fit or runs away. Except of course when it’s feeding time, then I’m his best friend and he will happily purr around my feet.


Anyway, so Sunday morning my sleep is disturbed by the screaming. It turns out that Bobby had jumped out the spare bedroom window. Which unfortunately is about 30 feet up on the 3rd floor. Below is a small concrete patio.




The wife was unfortunate to be standing looking out the garden door as Bobby landed. A sight I don’t even want to think about. I think the smack as he landed will stay with her for a long time.


I hate the sight of blood at the best of times; Bobby is a white cat well, let’s not think about that one to much.


I rushed Bobby up to the vet, who kept him over night, and called me today. It turns out that Bobby is a very lucky cat. Other than being severely shaken, he didn’t break any bones or do himself any internal damage. The only problem he sustained was a cracked pallet, but even that they said will probably heal without an operation.


Bobby, who I think I will be renaming to Lucky from this point on has now clocked up another £500+ (I find out the final damage tomorrow) to his tally. Taking his total cost to over £1,100 in 3 weeks.


I have learned my lesson with Lucky; I think I will be taking out pet insurance for him before he starts his next adventure.

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Reader's Comments

  1. Michael Beck |

    I wonder if this cost Bobby the standard issue 1 life out of 9, or was that a 2 or 3 life penalty for the type of fall?

    Bobby sure is one lucky cat! Glad that he is going to be okay!

  2. LaSh |


    you’ve got to have deep pockets to be able to afford that much money on…. a cat! [ which ends up hating you on top of that! ]

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