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Back from Tokyo

Posted by Lester Madden under General

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Over indulging is a bit of a theme at the moment. Prague, Tallinn and last week Tokyo.


I was in Tokyo for the Skype developer conference for a few days. Work wise it was excellent to meet up with CrazyTalk, PChome, Pamela Systems and lots of other partners.


Tokyo is such a cool place, I love the fact that they have embraced technology in everything. The taxis have doors that open for you, the drivers have the biggest in car navigations systems that I have ever seen. The trains have seats that automatically turn around depending on which way the train is facing (so they always face forward). Even the toilets have more buttons than the average TV remote control and have heated seats.


All week I was looking forward to going gadget shopping. I didn’t have anything in mind just felt that there was a gadget with my name on it. Something like a remote control lawn mower would have been cool (yes they exist), or an electric shaver with a built in MP3 player. You know the kind of thing, Tokyo is the gadget capital of the universe so you have to come back with something cool to show off down the pub.


Unfortunately the night before my shopping trip I ended up in a night club for the Skype party until late. After late I ended up in a bar until even later, or earlier depending on how you look at it. By the time I got back to the hotel it as gone 5:30am. House keeping attempted to clean my room at 9am so I had a brief waking moment. The next thing I remember it was gone 7:30pm and house keeping were ringing me to ask if wanted any clean sheets.


That meant my shopping trip was lost so no gadgets. Totally gutted.





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