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Drunk in Tallinn

Posted by Lester Madden under General

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I spent the week in Estonia. Tallinn is such a cool city. It’s the new Prague, cheap and the natives are friendly.

Tallinn is full of hot blonde sexy locals and Hollywood is the local tourist trap where you can go to meet them. It says open until late. I got back to my hotel at 5am (alone I will add) and was woken up at 12pm by reception wanting their room back. – Result.

Alcohol is cheap, being a crappy traveller I just take out a shit load of money and spend spend spend but even then I worked out I had spent less than £100 for the week.

If you do go to Tallinn you have to try Millimallikas (tequila, sambuca and a dash of Tabasco) its lethal.


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Reader's Comments

  1. steve |

    Estonia sounds great for a long weekend away.
    The blonds did it for me.

    Keep the blogs comming dude.

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