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Stop spamming me

Posted by Lester Madden under General

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I didn’t win the lottery this week but I have won the next best thing.


Microsoft apparently held an email lottery and I won $800,000, I got an email telling me so it must be legitimate. It’s not even strange that the email was from a Yahoo account. But my good luck doesn’t end there. I also won $10,000,000 in a lottery held by BMW. I think I also won a car but the email is in such bad English I’m not sure. $5,500,000 from several lotteries that I didn’t enter but it was based on my email address so it must be ok.


A few guys in Nigeria needed help in getting money out the country, apparently they were friends of a King or a high ranking banking official. Someone or other died and left several million in their account and they need my help in getting to it. Taking all my new Nigerian friends into account that’s another $30,000,000 for my prize fund.


Not a bad week I am better off to the tune of $463,000,000. All I have to do is send $150 to each of these guys, purely to speed up the processing and the administration fee and then its good bye suckers, I’m living the good life.


Seriously though someone out there must fall for this crap, if not then it wouldn’t be worth their time and effort sending this rubbish out to begin with. I am so sick of spam, if it’s not my PayPal, eBay or bank account being suspended then it’s lottery or smuggling. Can’t these guys think of something new?


Someone, I wont mention installs any crap to his PC. If he/she visits a webpage and sees a banner saying your machine could be running slow they will install the ‘clean your pc up’ software.  Admittedly that person has got better with constant gentle nagging on my part, but I have to admit I wouldn’t use the PC to check my bank account.


I know most of you don’t, but never install random crap to your PC. If you don’t know who the author is don’t install it. If a random popup banner from a website tells you that your PC is running slow or tells you that they can supercharge Windows don’t do it.  If your bank send you an email telling you your account has been suspended, don’t be a fool, no bank, eBay, PayPal etc will ever, ever, ever, ever, ever send you an email asking you to confirm your details. If your account was ever suspended they would write a letter to you.


To be safe always, and I mean always if you want to check your details, or logon to your account type the URL directly into your browser never click the link in any email.


And as for spam don’t fall for it, if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is.



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