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Skype Bots / PamBot

Posted by Lester Madden under Skype

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Ages ago I did a video tutorial on how to build a Skype BOT, which still seems to exist here https://developer.skype.com/Tutorials/SkypeBot I had a video codex issue when trying to run it but you might have better luck than me.


If you’re not familiar with BOTS you can add a BOT to your buddies lists for most IM clients (in my case Skype) and have it search for useful information for you.


Pamela Systems have created a Skype BOT that allows you to search different sources by starting a chat conversation with the BOT and issuing a command.


Eg to get the news headlines start a chat with PamBot and issue the command ‘tell news’



PamBot supports a wide range of commands:

- Wikipedia search: “wiki <keyword>”, “explain <keyword>” or “please explain <keyword> to me”

- BBC News: “tell news”

- Fortune cookie: “tell fortune”

- Weather forecast: “weather in <city>”

- Skype status: “skype status”

- Skype version: “skype version” (Latest Windows)

- eBay search: “ebay <keyword>” (Search is in Ebay of your country)

- eBay item search: “ebay details on <ItemID>” (ItemID = Articlenumber)


If you get bored PamBot will also talk to you and give you random replies to your messages.


To try PamBot add it to your Skype contacts list by clicking the link below:


Add me to Skype



If you come across any other BOTs list them here.

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Reader's Comments

  1. Carl-Johan Sveningsson |

    Hi Lester!

    I understand the skype bot tutorial is a long time ago, but do you have any material around for it still? Seems there is none anymore on the Skype site. I would love to do a simple control bot which would also plug in with user management, but I don’t know quite where to start, what platforms I can use and how to plug it into the API.

    Please ping me through mail if you have any helpful comments.

  2. lesterm |

    Hi Carl

    I can’t remember if we caught up over Skype a few days back. I know someone was asking.
    SkypeBots were we a previous life, but I can put you in touch with the guys at Pamela-Systems who have written one.


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