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Carbon Footprint

Posted by Lester Madden under General

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I caught a few of those ‘Dumped’ programs on Channel 4 (no Sky so I have to watch something).


It finished last night, so if you missed them Dumped was about a group of people sent to live on a rubbish tip for a month.  They could only use what the found at the dump to live on.  Ie they had to make the shelter from items they found, for bedding, and find things to sell so they could make money.


Shame foraging for food wasn’t included; we could have taken bets on who would catch the plague first.


The whole point of the program was to get people to realise what their carbon footprint is, and go green.


I think the idea footprint was around 2 tonnes. 


If found this test I did really well until it came to travel. I scored 11.5 tonnes on travel alone.


Take the test, see how you do.

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