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Moved home

Posted by Lester Madden under General

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Wooohoo finally moved in to the new place over the weekend.


The move went well and we managed to get all our things out of storage on time. Steve very kindly did all the driving, just as well really as the van was a bit on the suspect side. The left indicator turned on the hazards and the van wobbled around like it was on oval wheels.


To most people that would mean drive a little slower and apply caution, Steve however drove like he was being chased by the police and there was no way they were going to take him alive. The van was white and I guess that white van man has a certain reputation to uphold.

My first job was going to be to put my pride and joy on the wall, my plasma TV and have it hooked up to my Sky HD box. The Sky engineer came and groaned a bit because I didn’t want the wires where he was going to put them. Eventually someone knocked at the door to ask him to move his van. That was the last I saw of him. He phoned a little while later and told me that I can’t get Sky connected until my phone line is working.


Now I have no phone, no broadband no TV and no beer. Wars have started for less.


I don’t want to moan about BT all the time as I may want to send them my CV one day so I’ll make this my last, but is it just me or does BTs call centre really suck. I spent ages going though their IVR system pressing and selecting options to find out when my install will take place and eventually gave up. For a communication company they really should be able to do better.


I really like the British Airways IVR, when you call and navigate your way though the menus and finally get to customer services team, only to hear the message “We are really busy right now. Good bye” and then they hang up. Classic.


Ops better go, the wife is in the shower screaming about the cold water. So that was what that switch in the cupboard did :-o

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