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Explaining my Skype mood message

Posted by Lester Madden under General

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I changed my Skype mood message today to BT are crooks and have had numerous SMS’s, emails and SkypeChats from people wanting to know what BT have done to upset me.


Here’s why.



I am just in the process of moving to a new house, other than electricity and satellite the next most important thing on my list is broadband.


As I work for Skype (the free calls people) the last thing I need is a home phone, I mean what am I going to do with it? However you can’t get broadband in the UK without having a BT phone line.


To get a phone line I have to pay a connection fee of £125. Understandable if an engineer has to get out of bed, put on his shoes and drive out to my house and spend a day doing something. But in this case, as it’s a brand new house someone somewhere moves a mouse and clicks a few buttons. £125 for 1 minutes work. Not bad.


For my unwanted phone line I have to pay a monthly fee. That’s £13 a month with an 18 month contract. A nice tidy £234 profit for BT renting me a line I neither need or want.


Having paid the money, and signed my life away for the 18 months I will be in the position to get broadband. No doubt that will involve a connection fee as well.


I’m happy to pay the monthly fee for broadband but not happy about the extra cost for renting a phone line, I mean I wouldn’t expect to pay for gas just because I wanted electricity.


You’ll probably know that this is because of what’s called the “last mile”. BT own the connection from the exchange to your house so you can’t get away from using their service.


Sucks but there you go, and thats why my mood message is BT are crooks. But come to think of it that should be BT are business geniuses as I’d love to have a business that supplies things to people they don’t want but have little choice in buying.


Perhaps I’ll sell people a licence for £135 to allow them to watch their TV or listen to the radio. Nah, no one in the UK would ever fall for that one.


And before you tell me that I could have went with cable, we don’t have cable in my street. It’s a new house and it would be way to sensible to install cable while the roads up, but that’s another story.



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Reader's Comments

  1. Philip |

    Well done, Lester!

    Great Blog site … but miss the Sunday libation most!


  2. Philip |

    Oh Lester, just an update: I’m on Vodafone now as my server. The wireless system ‘crashed’ last week. Took me 4 hours of calls to Vodafone, and was off the Internet for 3 days. Part of my raging angst was that Vodafone are riding on the back of BT. So why should BT be in a rush to connect me?

    They did go to the exchange in Andover … a disconnection! Who’s to blame? Vodafone, BT or that rogue mouse chewing wires … And I can’t do anything about it.

  3. Steve |

    Lester I love your blog, and good luck in your new house.

  4. christopher |

    It’s hard to imagine, how people have guts to write comments like that. I would never write anything like this, because I would have thought what other would think of me after that. I know that it doesn’t matter who you are in Internet, you can act however you want, but anyway I would remember that a man should act nice and polite, no matter if he is online or offline

  5. enzypelitSepe |

    Just because he’s dead is no reason to lay off work.


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