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Send Faxes with Skype

Posted by Lester Madden under Skype, Software

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If you use Skype then you know that for making calls it’s a first class tool.



Excellent sound quality, way better than a normal telephone, and if you are making a call to another Skype user its completely free.


One of the most requested features we receive is to include faxing. Well Pamela-Systems, the guys behind Pamela and Call Recorder have done just that and launched PamFax.


PamFax is a free application that you can install from here or In the next few days it will be in the Skype Extras Manager (Tools, DoMore, Productivity)


PamFax is simple to use and integrates with your Skype credits so you don’t have to take out your credit card to send a fax.


As a nice touch you can see where the recipient is located in Google Maps


If your looking for faxing solution and you’re a Skype user PamFax is well worth a look.


PamFax is also localized into multiple languages.


Screen shots below





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