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Well I finally got of my arse and created myself a blog.

Posted by Lester Madden under General

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I’ve been meaning to do it for the last few years but never seemed to get around to it, but hey I’m finally here.


Odd thing about starting a new blog is the only person to read this post is going to be me so let me rabble.


The last time I registered a domain was for a project I did at Microsoft (www.learn247.net) which was for a series of interactive learning DVD to help developers lean how to program .NET applications. I remember at the time having to mess around with all sorts of configuration, it wasn’t pleasant.


When I brought this domain I expected the same headache, however the guys at GoDaddy have done an amazing job at making setting up WordPress and a whole bunch of other web tools easy. In fact other than click on a link and say I wanted WordPress I didn’t do anything.

I gave the Learn247 site away before leaving Microsoft to join Skype, shortly after Learn247 disappeared but is back now. I still get the odd request from MS people asking when a new Learn247 DVD is coming out. You can hire me back for £70k :-)


Blast from the past. There were 4 projects.


Football247 - everything developers need to know about .NET development

WeRock247 - Smartclient development

WeFly247 - Visual studio beta 1 and a version for beta 2


WeRock247 DVDWeFly247 DVD



The are proably all coffee costers now, but did anyone ever use them?



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Reader's Comments

  1. Angelica |

    iam happy for you!Your website is nice! cool! Kisses…Angelica

  2. troy66 |

    i used the werock and beta2 wefly.


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